Management Profile

Dr. Bhavesh Ramanuj (Chairman)

Mr. Bhavesh Ramanuj is the Executive Chairman of the Company, has nearly three decades of experience in the Medical Sector. He has been associated with the Company since its inception as a promoter. He is responsible for the overall work of the Company and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the Company. Besides this, Dr. Ramanuj is an eminent individual and is part of various health organization and businesses

Mr. Jitendra Patel (Managing Director)

Mr. Jitendra Patel is Managing director of the company, has experience of 20 years in the engineering sector. He is a young and dynamic entrepreneur in the field of engineering. He has started a career in the textile and pharmaceutical fields. His vision and innovative skill lead to start the company for customer-centric engineering products in the market. His pivot role managing all operations of the organization.

Mrs. Viral Agrawat (Director)

Mrs. Viral Agrawat is the director of the company, having great skills in managing the organization. She is a science graduate with chemistry. She has been managing HRD department of the company. Her emotional quotient help organization to the welfare of the employees and all stakeholders. She has been engaged with various education institutions for social causes

Mr. Satish Vaghela (CEO)

Mr. Satish Vaghela is CEO of the company, has vast experience of top management roles in various organizations. He has been educated in mechanical engineering with MBA in International trade. His experience in the field of international trade, as well as financial re-engineering, help the company to become a leader in the field of innovative engineering organizations. His organization skills help to the company for a professional approach and customer-centric vision

Mr. Pragnesh Panchal (CFO)

Mr. Pragnesh Panchal is CFO of the company, has deep experience in the field of accountancy and finance. He is a commerce graduate from top-ranking collage. He has been working with the company since inception. His commercial background help to customers for maximum output and licensing process.